Abdullah IPEK was born in 1955 Sogut / Bilecik and who started to work in TULOMSAS (TCDD) after graduating from the Eskişehir Institute of Art  in 1974. In addition to his job, he worked on advertising profession (text and graphics) until 2000. Used logo on this website, he used this logo prepared by himself in those years.

In 2010 he was attracted and curiosity to the art of ottoman calligraphy after  wobble a period of time as every new  retirement, after retiring from in 2005. He participated to calligraphy, illumination, miniature and marbling in a semester courses was filed by the Municipality of Odunpazarı in Eskisehir. Since then, his own words, “My humble eye-straining labors” which he described  as calligraphy, miniatures and illumination continues to your works. 

In addition to his own work you can view his wife lady Gülcan’s works in this website.

This site has been prepared by his son Mehmed.